Pardeller GmbH

in Steinach am Brenner (Austria)

  • Master plan of a production line with integration of a CNC drilling centre
  • Project leading for technical realization of an online production line (BETH-KOCH with profile splitting tools LEITZ and drilling centre, integration to LIGNOS-F)
  • Reorganization of in-house mounting logics and field definitions for connection to a BETH-KOCH production line, as well as HARBS automatic rebating machine
  • Elaboration of a new time calculation system with LIGNOS-F
  • Master plan of a processing centre for special geometries in view of data exchange and the integration of master data
  • Preparation of connecting SCF-GORI-PLANET surface processing line ON-LINE to LIGNOS-F
  • „Extension of production processes for elements with extraordinary functions (dissertation supervising: FH (university of applied sciences) Rosenheim)