How we became what we are


  • Joachim Adolf graduates from Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences with a diploma in timber work techniques in Rosenheim. While studying his focus laid on the upcoming NC- and CNC-techniques and the special demands on 3D-mouldings for the office furniture industry with the aim to develop practical concepts for data and machinery control in close collaboration with various controlling and engine construction companies.


  • Joachim Adolf joins Voss Outside Door Production as head of production planning division. Key projects can be found in the Chapter Project Experience.


  • Mr. Adolf heads the realization of a complete industrial planning project for an object-oriented window manufacturer as responsible project manager with Menck GmbH. Upon completion of the project Mr. Adolf works as EDP- and production manager at the new plant. Here he gains more than 5 years experience in realizing the single item philosophy under conditions of production.


  • Mr. Adolf establishes J.A. project engineering, organization for the wood industry due to multiple requests for practice-orientated support in project planning and project management.


  • Mr. Adolf begins working exclusively as an independent engineer, mainly for various object-orientated window and façade-producers (See chapter 4).


  • Start of cooperation with Matthias von Hinten who is supporting the J.A. team in programming and operations control, with focus on Unix-platforms (Linux).


  • Start of cooperation with Detlef Gruhl (Dipl. Ing (FH) Holztechnik) who is supporting the office and kitchen furniture sector and the ERP-area as an independent project engineer.


  • Start of cooperation with Marcus Urbicht (Dipl. Ing. (BA) Holztechnik) who is contributing his knowledge of the furniture sector and the process simulation area as a project engineer.


  • Start of cooperation with Renate Hasenstab (Graduate for business management) who as a project assistant is bringing in her knowledge of business administration.


  • Start of cooperation with technician Gunnar Druskat who is supporting us as a partner and project engineer with his more than 10 years’ worth of experience in Southeast Asia.


  • In order to embrace the growing variety of our field of activities the companies' name is changed to J.A. project engineering. Organization to batch size 1. The operative project management of the fields Automotive and International Construction Projects is merged into one new intersectoral service product.


  • Start of cooperation with master cabinet-maker and joiner Holger Henn who is supporting us in the office and kitchen furniture field as a freelancer.
  • Start of cooperation with project expert (GPM-IPMA) Georg Funk who is supporting the field of operative project management.


In order to cover all further specific tasks J.A. project engineering is a member of a vibrant and far-reaching network of independent engineering companies and consultants. Support of and collaboration with this network can be brought in to accommodate to specific aspects of tasks at hand.